{personal} in the big city

Yesterday I spent the day with blog friend (now real-life friend), Huong. I found her flickr stream a couple of years ago and had been following her blog until one day I realized she only lived an hour away! So we decided to meet for coffee once before and then I went for a longer visit yesterday.

It was really wonderful to get out and visit the "big" city (I live in a really small city with absolutely nothing to do). It was a refreshingly warm winter day full of walking, picture-taking, antiques, Mediterranean food (yum!), books, more books, Starbucks, lots of talking, ice cream and Scrabble (I won!).

Both Huong and her husband, Jeff, are really nice, talented people and I had a lot of fun hanging out with them! Huong and I seem to have a lot in common as far as the same taste in photography, books, maps and globes, travel and antiques.

You can see more images on my flickr and Huong's images from the day can be found on her blog and her flickr.


Huong said...

I had a great time and your photos look great! LOVE the combo of the dog painting with the wall paint. Glad you made it home safe and sound, we should definitely get together again soon!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

How cool to meet up in person, and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Off to check out Huong's next.
Peace, Judi

Krystal said...

Your pictures are awesome!! Seriously, I love them.

Leovi said...

Very good composition, nice and original. I like this game line with the pipes.