Hello and welcome to my photography blog! My name is Andrea and I'm a photographer. I grew up in a quintessentially small town in southern Virginia with an artist mother who harbored my own artistic talents and instincts from a very young age. From doodling to sketching to drawing to painting to writing stories to writing poetry to playing the piano to making jewelry to cross-stitching, creativity has always been a big part of my life. I don't have a clear memory of exactly when it happened, but one day I decided that photography was it.

After spending the summer before my freshman year of high school saving up my babysitting money, I bought a camera. I absolutely fell in love with the medium and found that I had a very instinctive eye for composition. With wanderlust in my veins, I longed to move away from my small hometown and go somewhere far away. And so I attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida where I graduated with an Associate of Science degree in Photography. I produced a portfolio defined by clean, bold, simple, and colorful images.

After college I moved back home to Virginia (while also embarking on a heart-wrenching long distance relationship with my now husband, but that's another story) where I started my own freelance photography business and also worked as a photographer at a printing company where I nurtured my love of studio photography. My wandering heart then led me even further to the west coast where I spent a couple of years in San Francisco, California, which greatly inspired my black and white Holga film series.

I've recently returned to what I consider my roots in photography, before I even knew what I was doing: film and all the happy accidents that come with it. Film contains that magical quality that digital still can't quite seem to capture. So after looking at my work, don't be surprised to find a grainy image of a sky full of cotton candy clouds next to a bold, perfectly lit studio image of wine glasses. I'm not sure what the vast difference in styles says about me - the difference in controlling everything and just letting things happen - but they are both me and they are both honest.

I currently reside in the Los Angeles area where photography has become less of a career and more of a hobby. I've spent the last few years simultaneously delighting in and cursing the unwavering warm weather of southern California and ironically longing for the rolling hills and changing seasons of my hometown. I spend my free time reading, watching movies, drinking coffee, collecting Legos, cross-stitching and filling up my bookshelves (you can follow what I'm reading on Goodreads).

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