{personal} sugar skulls

These sugar skull truffles were too pretty not to photograph and almost too pretty to eat! Happy Day of the Dead!


{personal} skulls

In addition to our Halloween collections, we've slowly formed quite a collection of skulls. Drug store skulls, party store skulls, candle skulls, brass skulls, crystal skulls, alcohol bottle skulls, skull dice... We don't know what it is about them, but skulls are cool, and we actually keep a few of them out all year round!


{personal} halloween collection

As stated in my last post, I love Halloween decorations that are spooky and eclectic. Bell jars, apothecary jars, laboratory jars, spiders, hands, bones, eyeballs, a heart that actually beats... This creepy collection has grown a lot since two years ago!


{personal} black magic

My husband is a huge fan of Halloween and his immense enjoyment of the holiday has rubbed off on me since our first Halloween together eleven years ago. We love to decorate and our collection has steadily grown over the years. While he leans towards all things colorful and silly and fun, I gravitate towards all things spooky and eclectic and darkly beautiful (this was our setup two years ago). I slowly built the above collection on our dining table over the past few weeks and I love how it turned out!


{personal} cross stitching

I know it's been awhile since my last blog entry (five months!) but I promise I'm still around. I may not be taking as many pictures as I used to, but I've been more active on Instagram than I thought I would be since joining seven months ago. I also rediscovered an old hobby from my childhood: cross stitching! In a way it's very meditative and I'm really enjoying the repetition of counted cross stitch. I've come across so many fun designs, while also trying to create some of my own, that it's taken up a big part of my home life. So between visiting family, watching movies, voraciously reading, cross stitching and exploring Los Angeles, I've been keeping fairly busy this year.

PS. If you're interested in purchasing a finished piece or requesting a custom order, I'm open to creating something for you! Several of my friends have pleasantly surprised me with commissions, though I started this as just something fun for myself.


{personal} happy easter

Happy Easter!


{personal} vasquez rocks

Last summer we visited Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, known for its dramatic rock formations and popular filming locations (Star Trek, Blazing Saddles, The Flintsones and Westworld to name a few). These sedimentary rocks layers were first formed around 8-15 million years ago and the most impressive peak points at a sharp 45-degree angle. No, we were not one of the brave few to climb to the very top... Such a cool place to visit and photograph!

PS. This is one of the places we visited as part of our Toys in Hollywoodland collaboration. 


{personal} the getty center

I recently sent my medium format film to be developed from last year and am now sharing the results. These image are from a visit to The Getty Center (sister museum to The Getty Villa which I photographed a few years ago) when my mom and sister came to visit last May (that's my sister in the first image looking out over the city of Los Angeles). It was a really nice day full of art and walking - we spent five hours on our feet! This wasn't the first time I've been and it won't be the last. It's such a wonderful place to visit (and the admission is free)!


{personal} santa monica pier

It's been many years since I last used color film in my Holga camera. Black and white film has always produced such wonderful results that I couldn't bear to shoot with anything else. However, almost exactly a year ago I was planning on a little excursion to the Santa Monica Pier. The bright and colorful Ferris wheel and Pacific Park were begging to be shot in color. So I ordered some film, set out to the pier, took a roll of pictures, recently sent my film to be developed, and now I'm finally sharing them on here. I love the vintage-looking results and how they evoke nostalgic memories of long summers, arcade machines, cotton candy, corn dogs and warm California days (even though it was cold and windy at the time). Enjoy!


{personal} autumn light

This should really be more of a {looking back} post as these images were taken more than three months ago. It was early November at the time and I was enjoying my favorite season, autumn, as much as I could in southern California. I was re-reading The October Country, apple picking in the mountains, collecting acorns, reminiscing of past autumns on the east coast, and decorating for Thanksgiving with these little tchotchkes.

PS. I'm on Instagram now! I haven't posted anything yet. I'm determined not to post anything old in hopes of getting out of my photography rut and back into shooting again. I'm also determined to be super selective and not post any old crap that I take with my iPhone.


{personal} the best in books

Six years ago I did a similar post on my old blog, The Lighthouse Keeper, where I shared my favorite books from the past year. Every year I goal myself to read forty books and have successfully met that goal every year for the past five years. This year was a very good year. I was able to surpass my goal by reading fifty-two books! That's a book a week! A few of these were re-reads that I was so happy to revisit and enjoyed just as much, if not more, the second and/or third time around.

These are twenty-five of the ones I thought were the best. Feel free to follow me on Goodreads!

The October Country, Hawai'i One Summer, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Bell Jar, Sputnik Sweetheart, Tracks: A Woman's Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles Australian Outbook, The Virgin Suicides

New reads:
Wild; Girl Reading; Tell the Wolves I'm Home; The Buried Giant; Rules for a Knight; All the Light We Cannot See; The Nightingale; The Voyage of the Narwhal; The Price of Salt; M Train; The Hired Girl; A Manual for Cleaning Women; Dear Fang, With Love; Dark Matter; Brooklyn; Pond; Night Film; Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness


{for sale} thanksgiving sale

Less than a week until Thanksgiving! Between now and the end of November, enjoy 20% off your entire order in my shop!