{personal} life is a highway

In the spirit of posting pictures from our old apartment, these are the same view just a little lower and to the right. The beautiful, loud, building-shaking, twelve-lane freeway. Amazing what cropping can do! It was still a good view though.


{personal} the view

This week marks one year living at our new apartment. Everything about it is so much better than our old place! It's more spacious (one bedroom instead of a studio), it's way cheaper (and I mean way cheaper), we have a landlord that oversees seven buildings rather than management that oversees several hundred, and, best of all, the rent wasn't raised! We feel so fortunate to have lucked out with this place and look forward to living here for years to come. The one downside: it certainly doesn't have the view that the old place had... I loved documenting the ever-changing sky and the way the light played on the mountains.


{personal} griffith observatory

This should really be more of a "looking back" post because these images are from almost two years ago and were taken the same time as these. It always take me a long time to get my Holga film processed, so I'm just now getting around to posting them.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California.


{looking back} let them eat oranges

When I had my full-time job at the printing company in Virginia I had full access to a photography studio with backdrop and strobe lights and soft-boxes. Oh how I miss those days when there would be no projects and I could work on my own stuff. Not sure if I was technically supposed to do that, but no one ever said anything. I miss those days of laying awake at night with an idea in my head and I could actually see it to fruition (no pun intended).

Circa January 2009.


{personal} valentine's day carnations

My husband surprised me a few days early for Valentine's Day this year by giving me these beautiful carnations! Their burst of color made me so happy. I wish I could have a bundle of fresh flowers sitting on the dining table all the time.


{for sale} something new

I'm trying a little something new by introducing jewelry to my Etsy shop. I was inspired by my mother who makes jewelry and my mother-in-law who loves tea and who was the first recipient of this sweet little necklace. I stumbled across some adorable little charms and so I have a few more ideas for other themes. We'll see how it goes! For now, this tea lover necklace is available to purchase via this link.

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." - C.S. Lewis


{looking back} blurry snow

Blurry snowy pictures taken in Southern Virginia, February 2008. I hope you are all enjoying this magical time of year!


{for sale} 2016 photo calendar

It's almost that time of year again! Time to start thinking of a 2016 calendar! I've been offering these photo calendars in my shop for the past six years and I introduce a new collection of my favorite photographs each year, themed around the magic of darkness and light, textures and sub-textures, nature and architecture, landscapes and dreamscapes. I hope you like this one!

Each calendar set features 12 unbound sheets measuring 5x7 inches with images measuring 5x5 inches. They are perfect for sticking in a mirror or picture frame, tacking onto a bulletin board, or sliding into a book or day planner. The possibilities are endless! At the end of each month, if you wish, you can trim off the calendar section, leaving you with 12 ready-to-frame prints. The newest version is now available in my shop. Or you can view the Calendars section for the whole series!


{personal} halloween

My husband absolutely loves Halloween and has gotten me into the Halloween spirit more since I met him. Every year we decorate for Halloween and this year was our first in our new apartment. We have many more decorations, but these are a few of my favorites! I love adding to our collection each year and making it last as long as possible (we start decorating the first week of September). Happy Halloween!

PS. In continuation of our mutual love of LEGOs, we've collected almost all of the LEGO Minifigures Monsters Series (the trick-or-treating skeleton is my favorite).


{personal} the huntington gardens

Back in February we visited The Huntington gardens in San Marino. I'd been once before with my sister-in-law and niece, so I was excited to show Sean around, especially the incredibly colorful koi in the koi pond lined with copper pennies! It's such a beautiful and relaxing place. Sean said he could have spent the entire day sitting in the Japanese gardens listening to the waterfall...