{personal} the bookworm

Do you like to read? Do you have a must-read list half a mile long? Do you enjoy buying books simply because the cover is so beautiful you can't stand not owning it? Have you ever gone to the same book store six times in one week? Or two times in one day? Do you set ridiculous reading goals for yourself such as participating in a monthly book club, reading half of the books on a 100 Best Novels list by May, reading 50 books by the end of the year, scouring ELLE magazine for the newest chicest book, all while asking fellow bloggers for their own book recommendations?

Then you are a person after my own heart. And you should consider joining the Book Club Bloggers. Just go here and talk to Charlotte.

*You can read my most recent review here.

**I just noticed I unintentionally used a different postcard as a bookmark for each book! Kinda cool...


SAMI. said...

love these pictures. i read the giver in my children's lit class in college and was blown away! quite like never let me go and cloud atlas. i love those alternative worlds!


Anonymous said...

Amazing photo. I love the tilt shift photos and have wanted a lens for a while, but had no idea you could do it in photoshop.