{jewelry} the dark side

Here are some new product shots I've recently added to my portfolio! It's been awhile since I shot something in the studio just for fun and it feels great to finally post something I'm proud of.

I've had this idea of shooting silver jewelry with silver utensils for a long time now. I've been wanting to do something a little different, something with different lighting and a different background (rather than the usual soft light and grey background).

While this series didn't turn out at all how I first imagined, I actually like it more than my original idea. I had a bunch of shiny jewelry and shiny utensils which equaled a lot of reflective surfaces. Any photographer knows how very tricky they are to light and photograph... So, rather than give up, I embraced the older, dirtier jewelry and spoons, which meant that they were also less reflective (bonus!). I ended up loving the added texture from the old spoons in combination with some detail shots of an old carved pewter jewelry box.

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Goggled Hero said...

Well now I CAN'T comment because you'll think it's for the wrong reasons but tough. I like the necklace wrapped around the spoon.