{looking back} i miss you

09.01.1996 - 03.31.2009

These photographs, taken by my mom circa 2002, are my favorites of our family dog, Cynthia. We had to put her to sleep a couple of years ago, so she's no longer with us. She was a lab-chow mix and her coat was actually a dark red-brown, so I don't know why it looks so light in these pictures. I'm not sure if it was the lighting that day, the film, the processing or a combination of the three, but I've always loved the silvery look to her hair!

She will always be the best dog ever, my favorite dog. Of course I love our current dog, but I grew up with Cynthia and knew her from the day we got her as a puppy from the SPCA until the day she died. Words can't express how much I miss her.


Love_Again said...

she's beautiful!

sami chu. said...

what a gorgeous pup. i am so glad you got these shorts of her when she was happy!i miss my family dog, charleston chu (named after the candy bar) so much!


Adie Andrews said...

She was such a beauty but there is that sad look of her eyes. I should admit that labs are my favorite dogs.

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