{for sale} 2012 calendar sets

You might've noticed that I've swapped out my 2011 calendar set for the updated 2012 one. It features the same images as last year, but with the new dates. (I also created a second set for those of you who already have last years, but I'll share that one tomorrow!)

These 5x7 unbound calendar pages are perfect for sticking in a mirror or picture frame, tacking onto a bulletin board, or sliding into a book or day planner. The possibilities are endless! Best of all, at the end of each month you can trim off the calendar section, leaving you with 12 ready-to-frame 5x5 prints. Click here to purchase!


Laney Butler said...

Lovely work!! This is a gorgeous calendar!

Daniella said...

Wow. Ok that February photos is GORGEOUS. What is that? is it actually the sky, or something else? I'll need to look for it on your site.

andrea despot said...

Daniella - Thanks so much! That picture was actually taken while I was in an airplane flying over the ocean. Those are the clouds over the water as the sun was setting, creating the orange cast and the long shadows. It was definitely a lucky shot and one of my most popular photos.