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I thought when I moved here I'd have a mad rush of creativity. And yet... most of the pictures I take, I don't really like. They're just normal. Ordinary. Boring. So I ordered some black & white film for my Holga and have been shooting with that a lot lately in hopes of getting more magic like this and this.

Of course I haven't given up on digital. So there's this little railing shot that's the entrance to our apartment. Nothing special. Yet, it's the best thing I've shot in awhile.


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

this one is great! i am looking forward to seeing some b+w holga pics too!


Jon said...

It takes time for your minds eye to adjust to a new environment......... you'll wake up one morning and BANK!! it will be there in front of you :)
Going back to good old film will help focus the mind....... its what I do when I get stuck.

Monica said...

i guess it's like creativity ids still jetlagged. lol

i often feel that it gets out of alignment when i travel elsewhere. but it can be a catalyst to new things.