{san francisco} ode to a sister

My sister recently came to visit me, which was the first time we'd seen each other since I moved to San Francisco. Over a year ago! I showed her where I work and where I used to work. I showed her some of the obligatory sites. We talked, drank wine, and ate an entire bag of chips with dip. We saw Cloud Atlas in theaters. We ate at Super Duper. We walked along Fisherman's Wharf, popping into some of the art galleries, eating chocolate truffles, and having our palms "read" at Musée Mécanique. We walked around the de Young museum (the section of 20th century landscape paintings was my favorite). We played dominoes and ate another entire bag of chips with dip. We collected a ton of sea-glass at the beach. We lost my sandals to the waves, and then found them again (true story). We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun was setting (on such a clear day that we could even see the Farallon Islands) and stood above a gigantic cruise ship as it passed underneath.

She took this picture, and I confess... I couldn't help but mess around with it! It's such an interesting shot (you can see the original here), but I felt it had more potential if I brought out the color and focused it more on the bridge. Hopefully she doesn't mind that I altered her photograph, and that instead she takes it as a compliment.

Happy Birthday, my lil gangsta.

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