{looking back} lines and shadows

Here's a look back at one of my photography projects in college. We had to choose a theme, photograph it, develop the film, and print the photographs in the darkroom. My theme was "Lines and Shadows," a subject I loved to photograph from the very first time I picked up a camera. The first three were taken outside my dorm in Southern Florida. The last was at a friend's house in Central Florida.

When I had to present these images for review during class, I remember that my professor couldn't get enough of that last one, the one of the chair. He was an incredible black and white nature photographer in his own right (whose own work has been collected by Ansel Adams), and he claimed that this photograph of mine was one of those "magical" ones that comes around once in a lifetime. He went on and on about it. I remember feeling very proud, but also slightly embarrassed because I was afraid my classmates were upset about all the praise I was receiving.

Circa 2006-2007.

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samantha ramage said...

So pretty!! I had a similar experience in highschool with a black and white picture I took of my cat :)