{san francisco} holga series 35

My most recent Holga film went on a trip around the country: I sent it to be developed in Florida, they then sent it to my old address in San Francisco, it was sent back to them in Florida, and finally made it's way back to me in Los Angeles. It's funny to look back on now, but at the time I was freaking out that I'd lost three rolls of film forever. It would have been especially sad because my last pictures of living in San Francisco and my first pictures of living in Los Angeles were on there.

But they were found. And after eight months of leaving that beautiful city (I can't believe it's already been that long), I'm finally able to share my last photographs. The ones above were taken back in August on my route to work. This is what I saw almost every day for two years.

1. After getting off the Presidio Shuttle and at the beginning of my mile walk to work, with the Palace of Fine Arts in the distance
2. Walking through Lucasfilm and ILM (Industrial Light and Magic)
3. Williams-Sonoma, where I worked, at the corner of Chestnut and Fillmore

You can view the rest of my San Francisco Holga series here.

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