{personal} griffith observatory

The day after we got married, Sean and I took my family to some of the more touristy places around Los Angeles. Even though we'd lived here for exactly a year, we had yet to go to Griffith Observatory and see the Hollywood sign. Seeing as we are both really into astronomy and space, it was about time that we went. Since then, we've been trying to go as much as possible to watch the sun set or take advantage of the free telescope viewings. The L.A. skies are notoriously light-polluted so there usually isn't much to see. But the views of the Hollywood Hills and the rare cloudy sunsets are worth it. These pictures were taken a couple months ago. Even though we are trying to go as much as possible, it seems we're only able to make it happen abut once every two months. In the new year I hope to change that!

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