{personal} valentine's day

Presented above are a few pictures of mine and my husband's Valentine's Day. Yes, that's right, it consisted of flowers, LEGOs, and diner food! Let me explain.

1. When I got home from work last night, Sean (and our teddy bear, Beary) gifted me with these beautiful flowers. Ranunculus are one of my absolute favorite flowers and purple is my favorite color. I hope they last!

2. We are both currently obsessed with LEGOs. In fact, both of our childhoods consisted of LEGOs. I have many fond memories of playing with them for hours and hours with my brother and sister. Currently, Sean and I are obsessed with the series of LEGO modular buildings. Sean actually gave me this little romantic date LEGO vignette a few weeks ago because he was afraid I would come across it online in my current LEGO craze. It's seriously the best Valentine's gift ever!

3. And then I gave Sean his gift early as well when he was having a particularly bad day. He's a huge fan of diners, drive-ins, and B-movies. We've both drooled over the vintage metal intermission signs (and Frosty Friend magnet) every time we go to Hobby Lobby. So, on Valentine's Day I made him our favorite sliders and homemade honey mustard sauce complete with fast food baskets, stainless steel condiment cups, soda fountain glasses (filled with his favorite banana milkshake), stainless steel straws, glass Coca-Cola bottles, movie candy, and his pick of B-movie to watch.

4. There is no picture to represent it, but we also saw a matinee of The Theory of Everything. It wasn't the perfect lighthearted romantic movie, but it was good!

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samantha ramage said...

yayyyy! you're first married valentine's day! congrats, girl!


ps. i am giving away a book on my blog this weekkkkkk, try to win it!