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As I'm often saying in my looking back posts, I find that I love some of my photographs more with time. These photographs were taken way back during my first year of college. I had just received my first digital camera (a Canon point and shoot) a few months before for Christmas. I was sitting at my desk in my dorm playing around and taking snapshots of my hand in weird contorted positions. The lighting couldn't have been more unprofessional (the little built-in lamp under the shelf on my desk) but I'm so surprised by how well they turned out! The lighting is actually quite beautiful and soft, creating the perfect grey tones, and even though I couldn't adjust the aperture on my camera, the shallow depth of field in these images is perfect.

March 2006.

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Autumn M said...

hello old friend...

perspective, detachment. when we can step back, from choice, from time.... we see what we didn't see.