{looking back} bricks and things

Do you ever look back on something you created, such as photographs, and find that you like them better than you did before? At the time I took these polaroids, over five years ago, I thought they were okay. I liked them but didn't think they were anything special. Now, I kind of love them.

What generates the change in perspective? The time that passed? Or my own change in aesthetic preference? Or did I just need to get away from them, not look at them in hopes of something better until one day I stumble upon them again and they are better simply because I forgot what I was going for in the first place? My memory being wiped of whatever my preconceived notion was?

Regardless, I love them and the feeling they give me. All that old brick... it was such a neat place! Taken in Danville, Virginia. March 2006.


Monica said...

stepping back from our work is such an amazing phenomenon.

just taking 30mins away from something i'm working on helps.

rachel said...

It's strange how that happens, right?

These photos have such a nostalgic quality to them... I get the feeling that there's a lot of memories associated with them.

Jon said...

I think we all have to step back from our work to discover the hidden elements. Turner spent a lifetime on individual paintings. I'm still going over photographs I took 25 years ago ....... still finding something new in them!! Your minds eye never stops developing.