{san francisco} study in black & white

And finally: a decent picture of the Bridge. From a few weeks ago, but better late than never. I'd still like to take a picture of it that doesn't just end up looking like one that's already been taken before. But I believe that's probably impossible.

I need to find a place to develop my 120 film. Stat!


Daniella said...

This a a great angle, love it in b&w!

Goggled Hero said...

For a second I only saw half the picture and saw the snow things going across it and was impressed that you put in a star field that moved.

SreeBindu said...


following your blog :), hope u will follow back!


theappletea said...

great!!! congrats

Louise said...

you're never going to know if someone else has taken the same photo so why not just enjoy taking them! you're photos are always great x