{san francisco} real live photobooth

Also back in January: Sean and I went to Musée Mécanique to have real photobooth pictures taken of ourselves! And I mean "real" as in you could still smell the chemicals from it being developed inside the machine!

I love photobooth pictures. I know it seems cliché nowadays (thanks in large part to Amélie, one of my favorite films), but I do. I'd always wanted to go to one and then Sean and I discovered one in a restaurant during our first year of dating (around Valentine's Day of 2007 when we went to Comic-Con in Orlando, Florida). Those were in color and weren't done with real black & white processing, but I loved it all the same and consider it to be one of my most cherished possessions. And so I was thrilled to discover, many years later, another one here in San Francisco!

PS. This post was made possible by Laney's discovery of the photobooth during her own trip to this amazing city.


Charlotte said...

Argh! We thought about going to Musee Mecanique when we were in San Fran but we skipped it! I would have loved to do this.

Laney Butler said...

Yay!! That place is so cool! I wish I lived closer to such a great photobooth.