{san francisco} a long-awaited update

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted! I'm slowly trying to figure out what I'm doing with this blog, my photography, my new life in San Francisco, and how it all fits together. I can't believe I've been here six months! Everything is rather normal now. I have two jobs, both of which compliment each other very well and which I feel comfortable doing (retail work at Williams-Sonoma and much easier, more laid-back work at a flower shop on the same street). But everything still has that luster, that tiny bit of excitement of newness which I doubt will ever fade. I even still enjoy taking the bus (or buses) to work almost every day; I'll probably always associate it with something from a movie, it will always be something foreign to me, no matter how habitual it becomes.

Anyway, Sean and I hiked part of the coastal trail back in January and, lo and behold, I actually took my camera along! Here are two of the shots I'm actually pleased with. All of the other photos I took seem so ordinary. Maybe that's why I'm having such trouble here: I'm trying to capture a city that can't be captured or, more likely, trying to capture a city that has been overly captured.

In any case, I finally got five rolls of black & white 120 film developed from my Holga and I'm rather pleased with a lot of the shots and I can't wait to share them here! None of them are quite as magical as some of my previous Holga productions (case in point), but I'm extremely pleased with some of what turned out. I just ordered a very nice, high quality scanner for both mine and Sean's artwork, so I'm just waiting for that to arrive and then I can scan to my heart's content!


Daniella said...

These are beautiful! I bet you're being too hard on yourself, your photos are always gorgeous.

Can't wait to see your Holga ones though!

Samantha said...

Happy to see you back and settling into your new life. Moves always seem to shake things up and make us reevaluate everything. Best of luck.

Nicole Franzen// La Buena Vida said...

these are gorgeous!! love love, must get back soon!

Charlotte said...

I've missed your photography!

I enjoy your comment about a city that's been overly photographed; how true it is.

Louise said...

These are lovely, the colours are fantastic! looking forward to seeing Holga photos! x

Louise said...

waow, photos are lovely, colours are fantastic. Looking forward to Holga photos! x