{personal} on continuing a new hobby

It's been a little over two years now since I picked up needle and thread and started cross stitching again. I honestly didn't think it was something I would continue for very long, but here I am, stitching away! These are just a few of the creations I've completed over the past year. I'm trying hard to come up with my own original creations rather than just taking inspiration from cross stitch books and such. I'm also working on building my inventory of finished pieces so that I can start selling at craft fairs, though that seems so far away...

1. Tiny pineapples from Pinterest
2. Pluto Loves You by StellarSpaceCraft (inscribed with my godson's birth date)
3. Cute and colorful flowers by andwabisabi
4. Patterns from Japanese cross stitch patterns
5. Rainbow inspired by The Apricot Memoirs
6. Moon and stars designed by me
7. Flower by Threadwork Primitives

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