{personal} point reyes part 1

I've been giving you a few sneak peaks of where I've been recently (here and here), but on that day that Sean and I rented a car, we ventured even farther north than just across the bridge...

We headed along the infamous California State Route 1 which hugs the Pacific Coast. Every single sight we saw that day was incredibly breathtaking; the coastal views were so stunning (the same coastal views we saw this day). Our final destination was the Point Reyes Lighthouse. It combines my love of lighthouses and Sean's love of The Fog, where the movie was filmed. None of this was planned. I just knew that I wanted to rent a car and leave the city for a day. I knew I wanted to drive north. When I found out that the lighthouse was only an hour's drive away, I knew it was where we'd be going.

I fear I can't fully convey that day in pictures, let alone in words, but I will say this: I've never been anywhere quite like this. Our drive to the lighthouse was full of hairpin turns which offered glimpses of ocean and cliffs. When we finally arrived and walked down to the lighthouse, the land and water spread out to impossible distances. It literally felt like we were on the edge of the world, away from everyone and everything, out of time, out of space. I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but I feel that it's a good comparison: I've seen incredibly beautiful, awe-inspiring pictures of it, yet it's nothing compared to actually seeing it in person. The Point Reyes National Seashore was just like that.

Stay tuned for more pictures...

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